Fluorescent mapping strains

A graduate student in Erik’s lab (Matt LaBella) has built two mapping strains based on fluorescent miniMos insertions. Each strain contains three distinct fluorescent markers on separate chromosomes in a him background. He and others in the lab has used them successfully to map new mutations to a chromosome before whole-genome sequencing. We’ve deposited the mapping strains EG8040 and EG8041 at the CGC if you want to give them a try.

See here for more information about the markers.

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2 comments on “Fluorescent mapping strains
  1. Mary Kroetz says:

    We are trying to map a few mutations with these mapping strains. The tdTomato::H2B is very bright, and the mCherry is not as bright. For strains that are homozygous for tdTomato::H2B is there a distinguishing characteristic that you use to tell if the animals have mCherry or not? Thanks!

    • Christian Frøkjær-Jensen says:

      Hi Mary,
      Sorry for the slow reply – for some reason your question never reached my email. The mCherry should by cytoplasmic whereas the H2B is nuclear. Is it difficult to distinguish these two different patterns even when one is dimmer?


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